The Canadian Census Data Discovery Partnership (CCDDP) is pleased to officially announce the commitment of Library and Archives Canada as a Project Partner. Library and Archives Canada becomes the seventh project partner. Project partners have signed MOU’s expressing their commitment to the project, currently funded through a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant.

Library and Archives Canada and Statistics Canada represent primary sites of Census data collection, production, and preservation, and some of the main access points for published Census information. These government partners add invaluable knowledge and expertise to the project and we are excited to have Library and Archives Canada officially signed on.

CCDDP is a pan-Canadian project, and is led by experts from university libraries, library consortia, academic research, and government. This partnership aims to be representative of the interests of the census research community in Canada and to bring together the expertise to make census data more discoverable, accessible and usable. This partnership recognizes the importance of census data for preserving Canada’s cultural heritage and in contributing to knowledge creation. For more information on the project, partners, and leadership, please contact us.