The workshop’s focus is on challenges associated with the dissemination of contemporary and historical census data to academic researchers and the public. By bringing together experts from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, we seek to understand how creators and stewards of Census data, inside and outside of government, approach dilemmas associated with its dissemination to stakeholders, and also to create an international community of practice regarding these matters.

Session 1 - Challenges and Innovations with Disseminating Census Data

IPUMS NHGIS: Disseminating US Census Geographic Data
Dr. Jonathan Schroeder, Research Scientist, IPUMS–National Historical GIS (University of Minnesota, United States)

Disseminating Census Data: Experiences of A Vision of Britain through Time
Dr. Humphrey Southall, Director, A Vision of Britain project, and Dr. Paula Aucott, Senior Research Associate, Great Britain Historical GIS Project (University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom)

Design and Sustainability through Time
Glen Hohlmann, Census Dissemination Manager, and David Price, Census Tabulation Manager (Statistics Canada)

Canadian Census Data Discovery Partnership: Geography
Elaine Castonguay, Assistant Director, Geographic Frames and Services Subdivision, Statistical Geomatics Centre (Statistics Canada)

Session 2 - Disseminating Microdata: International Perspectives

An Irish Perspective: Research Microdata Files
Deirdre Lynch, Statistician, Census Division (Central Statistics Office, Ireland)

Thinking about Census users and products; ONS 2021 Census dissemination and innovation
Callum Foster, Business Lead, Census Dissemination (Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom)

Harmonized Census Microdata Dissemination
Lara Cleveland, Senior Research Scientist, IPUMS (University of Minnesota)

Session 3 - Disseminating Microdata: Canadian Perspectives

Census Microdata at Library and Archives Canada
Alexandra Clemence, Chief, Orientation and Genealogy, Public Services Branch (Library and Archives Canada)

CCRI and Canadian Census Data Discovery
Sandra Sawchuk, Librarian, User Experience & Engagement, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Susan Mowers, Research Librarian (Data), University of Ottawa (Canadian Census Data Discovery Partnership)

The Canadian Peoples Project
Dr. Kris Inwood, Principal Investigator (The Canadian Peoples Project)

Disseminating Microdata: A Canadian’s Perspective
Dr. Michael Haan, Academic Director, Research Data Centre, Network for Economic and Social Trends (University of Western Ontario)